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Historys Most Famous Philosophers - Free Essay Example

Twenty-four centuries ago, Plato, one of historys most famous philosophers, compared the life of individuals solely having opinions and no actual knowledge. In Allegory of the Cave, there are three prisoners tied to a rock that can only look at a stone wall. Behind them is a fire that casts shadows of figures moving onto that stone wall. One day, one of the prisoners escapes and explores outside of the cave. This leads him to new experiences which formulate a new reality apart from the isolation he once knew in the cave. He then goes back to the cave to tell the other prisoners about his new experiences. Once the others hear what he says, they do not believe him and revolt. Essentially, Plato is trying to convey an allegory about staying in ones mental cave. People imprisoned in this symbolic cave believe only in what they see or hear. However, when these people leave this cave, they gain knowledge and enlightenment. Everyone has a personal cave which is comfortable and can lead to unintentional ignorance. One needs to leave this cave to reach enlightenment. Through the ideas of Plato, Bohm, and Hiner, getting out of ones cave and reaching enlightenment is a complete comprehension of an individuals realm of thought and of the physical world. Enlightenment is defined differently by writers, philosophers, even by misalliance people on the street. The term enlightenment has been around for centuries and to me, enlightenment is defined as a personal understanding of ones self and others around them. Being enlightened is to be free of ones inner demons influence and, as a consequence, to experience happiness and harmony with the world. In some religions, enlightenment is the end goal of ones existence. Religious definitions of enlightenment vary by denomination and traditions. In Buddhism, it is said one reaches enlightenment by taking the middle way, which is a part of the eightfold path that leads to liberation of the soul. Then in Hinduism, enlightenment is called the Devine which is when one reaches enlightenment and their individual soul examines the truth of all beings though the Brahman. As a way for me to expel myself from one of my personal caves, I realize the importance of knowing different cultures. I came from a very small town in Indiana and went to a predominantly white high school. Because of this, it is a goal of mine to free myself of prejudice thoughts and be friends with all different types of backgrounds. Although the Buddhist and Hindu religion offer compelling definitions of paths to enlightenment, in order for me to leave my personal cave, I believe I need to be open-minded, accepting of all backgrounds, and put ego aside when dealing with people. This would eventually aid me in my unique journey towards becoming an individual who is more in tune with their mental processes and the world around them. Platos Allegory of the Cave is an example of a story that lets the reader better understand the process of enlightenment. The readers must fully comprehend the allegory to understand what Plato is conveying. The cave itself represents society. The prisoners living in the cave, fixed in the same place, with their necks and legs fettered, able to only see in front of them, represent ignorant people in society (Plato 1). They believe the truth is the shadows that they see until one of them escapes and goes outside the cave to see the sun, filling his eyes (Plato 20). This is a metaphor for seeing the light, which represents knowledge. He is leaving his cave of ignorance and seeing the absolute truth about the world. However, when the man goes back to the cave, his eyes- coming suddenly out of the sun like that- be filled with darkness (Plato 32). Therefore, the man has a new perspective of the world that is different from his previous one of ignorance in the cave. So, Platos definition of enlightenment is through advancing the forms of human perception. Through this, a person must know and understand the Absolute Truth. Also, enlightened people must share their knowledge with less enlightened people. Hence the return of the man to the cave to tell the others in the cave of his experience. Platos definition of enlightenment is on a philosophical level. Platos definition compares to my definition by being open-minded. Both definitions put an individual through new challenges in life and to stay out of this mental cave they need to be open-minded. However, knowing the Absolute Truth is a common theme in other philosophers and writers definition of enlightenment.

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What is Queer Theory - 1029 Words

â€Å"Queer theory does not provide a positivity, rather it is a way of producing reflection, a way of taking a stand vis à ¡ vis the authoritative standard†. This quote comes from Thomas Dowson who suggests that the queer remark makes room for reflection while it requires a reflection of ones own self as well as their own involvement. The term queer can be a quarrelsome phrase and one that is surrounded by disregard, triumph and rejection. It mainly concentrates on the imbalance between sex, gender and lust. Ancestries of its intellectual demonstration can be seen in â€Å"psychoanalysis, sexology, feminism, lesbian and gay studies, postmodernism and poststructuralism, HIV/AIDS activism and the black civil rights movement†. When you use the term queer generally, it can illustrate various academic fields that are struggling to access ambition, individuality, status, relationality, morality and principles (Giffney et al 2009, p.8). Queer theory provides the outlook that all characters are social structures, the notion of male and female can be portrayed the same as masculinity and femininity. Even though queer theory can often be misunderstood, it doesn’t get involved with particularly with homosexuality. It concerns all shapes of identity, particularly the ones connected to sexuality. Queer theory can be seen as a political and cultural activity, it isn’t only a substitute method to investigate portrayal. Therefore, the plan is to rebel and weaken common beliefs to sexuality. A lot ofShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Stonewall 1280 Words   |  6 Pageselectroshock therapy, and on the rare occasion, even lobotomies. †¢ Stonewall is a memorable event in queer history, a two-night stand by 2000 lesbians and gays against the police brutality happening to them during 1969, when they demanded their rights as free American citizens. †¢ They are still marginalized today, since it is almost an accepted truth, especially in other parts of the world, that queer people are sick, they are sexual predators, attention seekers, recruiting others to be homosexualsRead MoreQueer Theory Essay1261 Words   |  6 PagesQueer theory derives from Womens Studies and Queer Studies during the early 1990s. Queer theory is said to be related to bisexual and lesbian roles. The main focus of queer theory is to reject the categories of gender and sexuality that we as a society have come to know as traditional. Queer theory is rapidly expanding through more and more findings and studies. What is interesting about queer theory is that it does not just challenge the traditional makeup of society., it challenges what is normalRead MoreFeminism : Waves Of Debates Within Feminism Essay1658 Words   |  7 Pagesinterests with the oppression, marginalisation, and suppression of other minority groups, i.e. queer people, people of colour, people with disabilities, old people, poor people, transgendered, and gender non-conforming people etc. In the pursuit of inclusivity and intersectionality feminist discourse has been tasked with acknowledging and addressing all forms of oppression as a logic of domination. A theory coined by ecofeminist philosopher Karen Warren which refers to a way of understanding and communicatingRead MoreHow Queens I Want to Break Free Video Explores Queerness in Relation to Queer Theory1544 Words   |  7 Pagesto queer theory. Firstly, I will introduce the ideas and arguments of queer theory through Gilbert Herdt article Same Sex Different Cultures (1997). I will then discuss Queen’s portrayal of drag within the music video and how it can be seen as queer rather than heterosexual. Lastly, I will argue that Mercury’s depiction of heterosexuality within the music video could also be seen as queer in oppose to heterosexual through his performance of hyper-masculinity. Queer: Generally speaking, queer theoryRead MoreThe Discipline Of American Studies Essay1676 Words   |  7 Pagesretelling of queer narratives in Latinx literature and heteronormative ideology directly links to disciplinary foundations of literary theory, social identity, and cultural conditions demonstrated both in the fields English and American Studies. One specific area of disciplinary focus has been identity emergence and its connection to dominant ideology. Attention to identity emergence in literature has increased in recent decades, especially as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) identitiesRead MoreThe Emergence Of Feminist Sociology Essay1408 Words   |  6 Pagesreproducing the identity of â€Å"women† constructed in patriarchal societies, but in which also create a new form of domination and oppression over individuals that does not portray characteristics of true â€Å"womanhood.† Therefore, the emergence of queer theory hoped to deconstruct the static identity categories, contesting categories that are considered to be normal and natural. From the beginning, â€Å"capitalist patriarchal societies created an institutionalized heterosexuality framework over gender.†Read MoreAngels in America by Tony Kushner984 Words   |  4 PagesQueer Theory is the best approach by which to examine Angels in America because using Queer Theory allows us to see/ illuminates the difference between socially constructed gender and sexual acts based on sexual identity. Queer theory argues that gender is a cultural construct, that the social norms of men being masculine and women being feminine were manipulated as a culture to be seen as normal. In Angel in America, Roy Cohn is an attorney with power in his work place; he expresses a strong masculineRead MoreHow Heteronormativity And Media Stereotypes On Queer People Express Their Sexualities1655 Words   |  7 PagesHETER ONORMATIVITY AND MEDIA STEREOTYPES IN SOCIETY INFLUENCES HOW QUEER PEOPLE EXPRESS THEIR SEXUALITIES How heteronormativity and media stereotypes influences how queer people express their sexualities Vanessa Gomes Ryerson University â€Å"Who is the man in the relationship?† â€Å"Who tops or bottoms?† These questions have become a fundamental part in queer people’s lives. Why do non queer people need for queer people and their relationships to imitate heternormative heterosexualRead MoreThe Show Last Man Standing 870 Words   |  4 Pagesaccidentally insults Charlie and she goes home. Throughout this paper, I will be critically evaluating the show ‘Last Man Standing’ using queer theory and feminist theory to illustrate how the themes of heteronormativity and gender roles are evident in this particular episode. Queer theory is based on the idea that heterosexuality is the norm, when in reality it is just what some people believe is normal. It suggests that an individual s identity does not determine who the individual is as a human beingRead MoreMy Reflection : An Introduction To English Studies Class1354 Words   |  6 Pagesthis class were quite negative. I was anxious to learn the literary theories, but had no proper training in them. I had previously assumed that this class would be extremely difficult, and that I would never be able to comprehend the countless theories that would be taught in the class. However, as the class progressed, my expectations were proven false. Throughout this course, I have found that I do not have problems with most theories. In my fall Introduction to English Studies class, I have discovered

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Embryonic Stem Cells Essay - 1310 Words

Embryonic cells should be allowed to be used because of the medical benefits they provide. They can be used to cure diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, traumatic spinal cord injury, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, heart disease, and even vision and hearing loss ( 2009). There is no problem using them for medical purposes and it is not immoral to use them for this reason. Embryonic cells have the potential to save lives. Therefore, the usage of embryonic cells outweighs the ethical issues. Although many people argue that the usage of embryonic stem cells is immoral, they are thought to have much greater developmental potential than adult stem cells ( 2009). While stem cells are not taken from an embryo and are†¦show more content†¦Others develop into muscle cells that can contract and also into nerve cells. Because they have the potential to become such a wide variety of specialized cells, embryonic stem cells are described as pluripotent. Plurip.0otency is one of two key features of embryonic stem cells. The second key feature of embryonic stem cells is their ability to divide or self renew for an indefinite period while retaining their undifferentiated, pluripotent state. As the cell mass grows, the population can be further expanded by growing in larger tissue culture flasks. An unlimited number of undifferentiated, pluripotent stem cells can be produced (Sumanas Inc. 2007). Once there is an understanding of how embryonic cells are taken from the body, it can be explained why they should be used contrary to the beliefs some people have. First, Embryonic cells can cure diseases. For example, if someone is paralyzed, doctors can take an embryonic cell and use this to cure the patient ( A man named Rusty Leech, from Michigan, was able to regain sensation in his body, when he previously could not because of a car accident. Two months of physical therapy and embryonic stem cell injections enabled him to regain feeling below his waist again. He has regained limited muscle use to help him go to the bathroom and move his legs a little on his own. â€Å"The results were unbelievable, to feel the sensations in my body that weren’tShow MoreRelatedEmbryonic Stem Cells Or No?1006 Words   |  5 PagesEmbryonic Stem Cells or No? Did you know that since 1981, researchers have been removing embryonic stem cells from thousands of embryos to create cells that could potentially save people from diseases? How many patients do you think this has helped since then? Hundreds? Thousands? Wrong. In fact, not one â€Å"cure† has been found to help people with Parkinson’s, cancer, heart disease and so many more rare diseases that it is said to be able to help. Embryonic stem cell research has been an issue inRead MoreEmbryonic Stem Cells615 Words   |  3 Pagesinto spinal cord injuries. One of the topics he pushed for was embryonic stem cell research. Christopher Reeve died on October 10th, 2004, never fulfilling his goal to walk again. But if he had gotten the support and funding for stem cell research, his story might have ended differently. Embryonic stem cell research should be funded in the U.S because it could lead to the treatment to many diseases, there are other sources of stem cells, but they are limited to their use, and the eight-celled blastocystsRead MoreThe Human Embryonic Stem Cells910 Words   |  4 Pagesof human embryonic stem cells, scientists have had high hopes for their use in treating a wider variety of diseases because they are â€Å"pluripotent,† which means they are capable of differentiating into one of many cell types in the body. However, the acquisition of human embryonic stem cells from an embryo can cause the destruction of the embryo, thus raising ethical concerns. In 2006, researchers introduced an alternative to harvesting embryonic stem cells called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cellsRead MoreEmbryonic Of Stem Cell Research Essay1576 Words   |  7 PagesEmbryonic Stem Cell Research Francois Rabelais, the famous Renaissance humanist, once said, â€Å"Science without conscience is the death of the soul† (Rabelais, Francois). Since the late 1960’s, this has been the stance for opponents of embryonic stem cell research. This is saying, if we are willing to take a fertilized embryo and kill it before it has even had time to develop, where is our conscience, our heart? We consider this form of stem cell research to be immoral and unethical. ScientistsRead MoreHuman Embryonic Stem Cells1916 Words   |  8 PagesThe human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) have defined by Bryant and Schwartz (2008) is in the mammalian embryo, there are several cell divisions that take place after the fertilization of the sperm and the egg in the uterus. There is no growth in the total volume of the cell, so the cells that are known as blastomeres get progressively smaller. Then, they are rearranging into a hollow ball known as blastocyst and surround the blastocoe l which is a fluid-filled cavity. The blastocyts and then segregateRead MoreEmbryonic Of Stem Cell Research942 Words   |  4 PagesEmbryonic Stem Cell is when you have to destroy the egg inside, thus rendering that egg to become a human. The Stem Cell is put into a petri dish where it will be cultured and feed nutrients (Bethesda). The Stem Cell is almost like a blank code, It can replenish a part of the body that is hurt or has a disease (Bigloo). Stem cells can be programed any where in the body to fix the issue. When the stem cell divides it will keep producing till the part of the body is back to normal (Bethesda). StemRead MoreThe Ethics Of Embryonic Stem Cells1201 Words   |  5 Pages Problem The society is not at an agreeable point when it comes to the research of stem cells obtained from human embryos. The disagreement narrows down to a clash between the two fundamental principles of ethics: The duty to prevent and alleviate suffering, and the duty to respect the value of human life. In most situations, both principles can be satisfied. However, in the research of embryonic stem cells, it might not be inherently possible. Generally, the clash between the two principles isRead MoreThe Debate Of Embryonic Stem Cells960 Words   |  4 PagesEmbryonic stem cells have the ability to grow into any type of cell that your body contains and can potentially aid in curing diseases and or repair many essential things in your body such as a kidney or a lung. This sounds like an extremely favorable advantage to medical advancements but this subject does summon some intense debates on where the stem cells come from. Embryonic meaning that it comes from the embryo veers many people’s opinion to totally protest any use of embryonic stem cells. OpposingRead MoreThe Debate Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research1292 Words   |  6 PagesEmbryonic stem cells research is the most debated type of stem cell research. The moral standings of embryonic stem cell research have been debated since the research started. The side against the research claims that it is wrong to value one’s life above another and that the e limination of the most basic form of life is murder. While the side supporting the research claims that the research could bring about the cure for many types of diseases and help save the lives of millions. Embryonic stemRead MoreThe Debate Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research1460 Words   |  6 Pages I believe that embryonic stem cell research should be allowed in the United States. From previous encounters with the topic I have learned that the many benefits that can come from stem cell research are without a doubt astounding and unimaginable. There are simply endless possibilities that can arise if the research was allowed to be conducted. From giving back vision to rebuilding tissue, any advance in stem cell research would be beneficial to the medical world. With the help that the advances

Implement Liberal Immigration Policies †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Implement Liberal Immigration Policies. Answer: Introduction: The aim of the assignment is to create a talent management plan for HSBC Bank Australia to align their current practices with the best practices of the banking industry. The assignment has two sections which delve into the banking sector of Australia and its best practices in detail. The first section points out the three sub factors impacting the HSBC bank while the second section contains steps of talent management. The talent management section outline ways in which the international bank can acquire and manage talents to retain its position in the banking industry. The three most important sub factors in the banking industry in the field o talent management are the knowledge economy, globalisation and skill gaps and structural employment. These three most important factors can be linked to key factors driving organisational and economic changes like demographic factors, technological factors and economic factors. These factors play a very significant role in talent acquisition and management in international banking organisations like HSBC Bank Australia. The three important sub factors and their relation to the key factors are discussed as follows: The developed knowledge economies like Australia and their international banking institutions like HSBC Bank Australia consider knowledge as an important form of capital. They emphasise on talent acquisition and retention to maintain their strategic position in the market. HSBC Australia is a subsidiary of the leading British international bank chain, HSBC Bank( 2017). The banking industry is undergoing massive changes owing to technological changes which have made it possible for banks to acquire, manage, share and hold an almost endless body of knowledge. The demographical factors affecting the banking industry particularly in Australia shows that as the standard of life and health care facilities allow employees to postpone their retirement. They serve HSBC Bank for longer tenure which allow the bank to form long term business strategies where it can utilise the talented senior employees. Another factor which is strongly influencing knowledge management and talent retention is technological advancements like telecommunication and digitization(Gungor et al. 2013). These advanced technological help HSBC Bank to communicate with business partners all across Australia, gain knowledge from and coordinate between employees stationed in geographically dispersed location. This advanced technology and communication facilities help the banks to integrate the talents of both on role and outsourced employees to attain greater business excellence and business performance. Thus, factors like advancements in technology and demographical factors like increasing working age among people have resulted in more extensive knowledge management and talent acquisition at HSBC Bank Australia(Natek and Zwilling 2014). The banking industry and its practices in Australia are influenced deeply by globalisation. Globalisation has demographic, technological and economic implications on the working of HSBC bank Australia. The demography of Australia toady consists of immigrants from all the leading market nations in the world like the US, the UK, Canada, India, France and China. As a result HSBC Australia can use human resources from these countries to attain high level of work place diversity performances and organisational excellence(Mortimer et al. 2015). This diverse work culture and talent acquisition from various countries results in acquiring diverse knowledge which encourages innovation in the banking practices followed by the international bank in Australia. However, this availability of human resources from several host countries of HSBC has its own challenge and impact on the banks operations. Its diverse groups of employees have increasing expectations from the management which is compelling the take steps to control issues like cultural bias and conflicts among different cultural groups of employees. The advancements in technology has helped the bank to form virtual teams to which motivate employees from diverse cultural backgrounds to achieve high level of performances(Akinnusi, Sonubi and Oyewunmi 2017). Skill gaps and structural unemployment: The banking organisations of Australia like HSBC Bank Australia is experiencing gaps in skills and structural unemployment which is the outcome of change in demographic, technological and economic trends in Australia. The people in Australia owing to improve standard of lives work till longer tenure which allows the organisations like NSBC Bank Australia to utilise their talent for longer periods. Thus the organisation has huge talented workforce whom it has to allocate in strategic job areas(Connell and Stanton 2014). This failure to provide sufficient jobs to this growing population of employees creates large scale structural unemployment. Technological factors like advancements in banking methods and advent of online virtual banking in the banking sector requires the bank employees to have deep knowledge about latest banking technology. This requires often renders senior employees of HSBC Bank Australia without technical knowledge employed. The demographic factors of Australia lik e longer work tenure of employees prevents the bank from conducting career palknni8ng for the junior employees. The bank loses considerable portion of the work force due to this structural unemployment. The bank has resorted to re-skilling and peer to peer training to bridge these increasing gaps between skills like technical skills among old employees and strategic unemployment(Wright 2014). The above discussion shows that HSBC Bank in Australia suffers from three main issues, namely, advent of Australia into a knowledge economy, globalisation and gaps in skills and structural unemployment. The factors have significant impact on the talent acquisition and talent management of the international bank in Australia. The following are the steps to talent management for HSBC Bank Australia to solve these issues aligned with the best practices in the banking industry: HSBC Bank should align its total work force according to the business needs and the industry best practices. The bank is one of the best international banks in Australia and around the world which is recognised for its acquisition and management of talented employees. The increase in the tenure of the employment of employees will help the bank to use their knowledge and talent for longer period of time. The apex management, the departmental heads and the human department should align the employees according to their specialisation and area of expertise(Jackson, Sibson and Riebe 2014). For example, the younger employees could be allocated to sales and customer acquisition since they have knowledge about latest technology in banking and can use it as unique selling proposition to attract customers. The experienced senior employees can be allocated towards senior positions where they can utilise their knowledge and experience to lead their subordinates. This would also give opportunity to the company to train its junior employees to fill in the gaps of the senior employees after the latters retirement and minimise loss of knowledge due to resignation of experienced employees. This alignment of employees towards business needs would bring about career development and retention of both groups of employees(Basili et al. 2014) Create highly skilled pools of internal talents: The senior managers and the human resource departments should create a pool of talented employees who would contribute towards business development of the international bank. The senior managers and the human resource department should provide training to the employees to develop- their competencies and skills as bankers. There should be training sessions which would develop the knowledge of the employees about the best practices of the banking industry, law and customer relations. These trainings will enhance the competencies of the employees and help them to serve the customers better. The banking industry is dependent on the skills and competencies of the employees to offer financial services according to the requirements and expectations of the customers. Training would enable the employees to serve the customers better and yield high revenue for the bank. Thus creating a pool of talented employees would enable the banking organisation to deal with issues like structural unemploy ment(Silberman and Biech 2015). HSBC bank should create a performance linked payment scheme which would recognise the high performances of the employees and provide them with legitimate compensation packages. The company should first provide training to the employees to upgrade their skills and then apply the PLP scheme. The scheme would motivate the employees to over achieve their target levels of performances to get higher salaries and recognitions. This will also help the human resource departments to judge the performances of the employees while considering their appraisals and promotions. PLP would also help the bank to terminate poorly performing and irresponsible employees. This will leave posts vacant giving scope to the bank to acquire talented and highly skilled employees to maintain best practice standards prevalent in the banking industry(Zaleha Abdul Rasid, Ruhana Isa and Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail 2014). Thus PLP would help the bank to encourage the employees to increase their competencies, knowledge and talents to achieve high performance levels. These high levels of performances would enable them to gain promotion, career development and job satisfaction. This will help HSBC Bank Australia to retain and manage talented employees to achieve high market performances in the competitive bank industry. HSBC Bank Australia should exercise efficient management of knowledge within the organisation. The employees of all levels of the organisation should have access to certain extent with prior approval of the reporting managers. This would on one hand increase the level of knowledge and expertise among employees and prevent unauthorised access and misuse of data on the other hand. Conclusion: HSBC Bank should manage its human resources more efficiently to maintain its dominance over Australias financial market. It should give emphasis on making policies to ensure that the employees are motivated to perform and bring about their career growth. The policies and parameters to measure the employee performances should be aligned with the organisational goal. References: Akinnusi, D.M., Sonubi, O.O. and Oyewunmi, A.E., 2017. Fostering Effective Workforce Diversity Management in Nigerian Organizations: The Challenge of Human Resource Management.International Review of Management and Marketing,7(2), pp.108-116. Al-Zahrani, A.A. and Almazari, A.A., 2014. The impact of affective human resources management practices on the financial performance of the Saudi banks.Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research,3(1), p.327. Basili, V., Heidrich, J., Lindvall, M., Mnch, J., Regardie, M., Rombach, D., Seaman, C. and Trendowicz, A., 2014. GQM+ Strategies: A comprehensive methodology for aligning business strategies with software measurement.arXiv preprint arXiv:1402.0292. Bassett?Jones, N., 2005. The paradox of diversity management, creativity and innovation.Creativity and innovation management,14(2), pp.169-175. Connell, J. and Stanton, P., 2014. Skills and the role of HRM: towards a research agenda for the Asia Pacific region.Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources,52(1), pp.4-22. (2017). Talent Management HSBC Global Connections. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Aug. 2017]. Gungor, V.C., Sahin, D., Kocak, T., Ergut, S., Buccella, C., Cecati, C. and Hancke, G.P., 2013. A survey on smart grid potential applications and communication requirements.IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,9(1), pp.28-42. Jackson, D., Sibson, R. and Riebe, L., 2014. Undergraduate perceptions of the development of team-working skills.Education+ Training,56(1), pp.7-20. Mortimer, G., Neale, L., Hasan, S.F.E. and Dunphy, B., 2015. Investigating the factors influencing the adoption of m-banking: a cross cultural study.International Journal of Bank Marketing,33(4), pp.545-570. Natek, S. and Zwilling, M., 2014. Student data mining solutionknowledge management system related to higher education institutions.Expert systems with applications,41(14), pp.6400-6407. Silberman, M.L. and Biech, E., 2015.Active training: A handbook of techniques, designs, case examples and tips. John Wiley Sons. Wright, C.F., 2014. How do states implement liberal immigration policies? Control signals and skilled immigration reform in Australia.Governance,27(3), pp.397-421. Zaleha Abdul Rasid, S., Ruhana Isa, C. and Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail, W., 2014. Management accounting systems, enterprise risk management and organizational performance in financial institutions.Asian Review of Accounting,22(2), pp.128-144.

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Econ Micro Extended Essay Topics That Can Help You Pass the Exam

Econ Micro Extended Essay Topics That Can Help You Pass the ExamEcon Micro Extended Essay topics cover many different areas of economics and various practical applications. As you begin your research, you will come across hundreds of topics and a wide range of key skills. You should have some basic skills such as finding and using a good essay template, organizing the information you gathered and having a general understanding of how to structure a topic.The higher the level of your skill, the more information you will be able to gather about the market and the better quality of questions you will find for your exam. Some topics you may want to consider including business growth, political economies, macroeconomics, and developing countries.Economics is one of the most popular subjects in high school and college. A lot of students study this area, but not all of them become professionals in the field. Getting to know the skills required for the subject will help you prepare for your career. You can also apply these skills during college and may get some experience.In addition to economics, there are many other subjects that are worth studying. Some of these subjects include literature, math, psychology, and art. By knowing these subjects well, you will be able to find more essays topics for your exam.If you have some knowledge of business, it can be a great idea to study business. The key to getting good grades on these topics is your ability to understand the techniques that you should use. Since the questions will revolve around business practices, you need to know how to analyze the information you collected.One of the most important aspects of essay writing is you must have some skills in logical reasoning. If you lack this skill, you may find yourself failing on this exam. Because this type of essay is filled with numbers and formulas, you need to be able to come up with a convincing argument in order to succeed.You also need to know how to write clearly. It is important to give specific details about each essay topic so that you will not waste your time. To avoid creating filler words, avoid using several different sentences.Take note that some topics may be difficult to answer and require that you write an outline. This will ensure that you outline every topic and give each question a specific answer. This will be helpful especially if you lack the skills and knowledge needed to answer each topic.

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Understanding Learning Goals Essay Samples

Understanding Learning Goals Essay Samples All About Learning Goals Essay Samples The educational goals which you've personally selected can be milestones you will achieve. Because various studies have shown that you are more inclined to reach their goals when you write them out. Before you can speak about your targets, you've got to understand where you're now and so does the adcom. Give concrete examples of your targets and what you believe you will need to do in order to get there. S.M.A.R.T. goals are a somewhat new idea. Short-term and long-term goals aren't the exact same. The Honest to Goodness Truth on Learning Goals Essay Samples Becoming in a position to articulate your education and career goals is a fundamental part of being a true college student. Therefore, young people today are predicted to have the ability to set objectives and pursue them for their spiritual, physical, social and professional development in addition to for a more long-term positive impact on the condition of society. One's career ought to be suiting the purpose of someone's life and passion besides relying on one's finest skills. In order to generate the the majority of your college education, establish goals from the start of your educational experience. Writing an essay that explains what goals you wish to pursue in your upcoming career is a skill you are going to have to demonstrate a lot for a student. You may have to simplify the suggested ideas, also. My whole future is dependent upon the choices I make in college. You may use the template below to offer you a few ideas. For instance, if you've got a four-part question, plan to use about 25% of the term count on every one of the four parts. Where you work has a significant effect on the quality and amount of work that you do. You're in motion, but not getting to where you have to be. Add all the characteristics you think will cause you to stick out from the remainder of the applicants. Essays might be lightly modified for readability or to defend the anonymity of contributors, but we don't edit essay examples ahead of publication. MBA essays can be difficult to write, but they are among the most crucial pieces of the MBA application approach. Most individuals ignore reading and answering the essay prompt but it's very important. To save yourself the agony of searching for places to purchase term papers, you have to nurture the art of writing the ideal college essays. Now it's time to really compose the essay. Just take a peek at our college essay samples to find a notion of what colleges are searching for in your essay. Learning Goals Essay Samples Secrets Circle the top five you wish to attain. Crossing off short-term goals is a great method to keep oneself motivated to carry on working toward the long-term targets. Consistent action is a dependable, dependable and coherent approach to everyday living that aligns an individual with their life targets. Fortunately, SMART goal setting framework is able to help you craft improved goals. When it has to do with setting resolutions, it's simple to set bad goals that could cause poor follow through. No, it must be a personal goal statement. Learning Goals Essay Samples: the Ultimate Convenience! Education is occasionally occurring below the direction of educators. Career goal is something which everyone ought to be setting no matter what career everybody is choosing. Your career goals can include things like getting hired by a particular company, making a specific amount of money or working with a certain group of people such as immigrants, young children or the disabled. Setting educational goals provides you a completely new degree of perceiving the challenges that you are going to be meeting throughout your years of being a true student. Soon you'll discover your personal and professional aspirations are turning into a reality for a consequence of your hard work. Others might say you're not destined to turn into the person who you wish to become on account of the attempts that continue to be a failure. By pursuing the next educational objectives, students ought to be progressing towards the route of fulfilling one's potentials.

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What Does Good College Essay Topics Mean?

What Does Good College Essay Topics Mean? College application essays are often the most difficult portion of the application practice. Mobile payment literature review it wiser to pick some contemporary controversial topics to have a fantastic grade. In lots of ways, the most labor-intensive portion of your college application method is the essay. Personal universities in some specific cases need to become supplemental essays. The Tried and True Method for Good College Essay Topics in Step by Step Detail Obviously, you can select any topic, nobody could ever know that you're describing experience that you never actually had, but don't forget that it is always simpler to tell the truth than to invent lies. So, you a really superior to seek advice from your teachers or family members. The ways students ought to be taught about their wellness. Going to a debate, students have to contemplate their degree of education to select an appropriate topic that suits both your requiremen ts and your level. The Hidden Gem of Good College Essay Topics Once you receive an idea, the practice of writing will be much simpler. It is very important to mention that the idea doesn't need to be a good one. Pick a distinctive topic that others may not think of, and whatever you select, make sure that you know a lot about it! The dearth of given topic isn't likely to point out you're likely to fail and get a surprisingly reduced level. The Honest to Goodness Truth on Good College Essay Topics Try to remember that the objective of a college admissions essay is to aid admissions officers get to know you. The better part of the essay employs standard English and English grammar. If you're applying to a college that doesn't accept the Common App, you will have to answer their precise essay questions. If you've already graduated from college or university and are trying to find a great job, you want to get a persuasive resume to impress your future employer. Colleges are not searching for perfect folks. They want to get to know more about you. They are more likely to admit students who can articulate specific reasons why the school is a good fit for them beyond its reputation or ranking on any list. They do want you to have strong beliefs that you're willing to stand for, and some essay questions give you the opportunity to do just that. Perchance a philosophical text really elucidates your present-day paradigm. Personal essays have an inclination to concentrate on an individual specified function in addition, the way it motivated you or your life span. Application essays about challenges reveal how you respond to difficulty to folks who are really interested in how you'll take care of the subsequent four years by yourself. If you aren't assigned the topic but have to choose it by yourself, you shouldn't be lazy to look for something which will have value for the intended audience. The multiple topics could possibly be found, for instance, in the dissertation abstracts international database. Argumentative debate topics cover specific problems, problems, phenomenon or subjects that you may deliberate. The Tried and True Method for Good College Essay Topics in Step by Step Detail When prior brainstorming is finished, you might begin drafting your essay. Successful essay and productive topic for college essay is normally a specific one. Although it is obvious for a narrative essay, it might be unclear why one ought to offer enough details for a persuasive or possibly a process essay, alongside with the rest of the types. The listing of private essay topics introduced beneath will aid you to in creating your own essay. The record of private essay topics offered down below will make it possible for you to in crafting your personal essay. Taking into account that lots of persuasive essays concern controversial topics, before writing, you might want to sit down and think of what your opinion on the topic actually is. Instead, you might be requested to check the enjoy or create a critique of it. A proposal essay is quite easy to comprehend. Writing an excellent persuasive essay is not an easy job, however, it's achievable. In the event you decide you need to chat about one of the cliche essay topics mentioned previously, a fantastic approach to tell a more prevalent story is to concentrate on one specific moment and build from that point. When you're writing about yourself, be certain that you include words that explain the emotions you're feeling at several sections of the story. Your response shouldn't be a book report. Whether it is a poem, a random stream of thoughts, sarcasm, or some other sort of writing to be able to feel more creative, it is not always the ideal idea. Anyway, it is going to be simple to develop the idea based on this issue and offer premium quality content. Sometimes your approach will be decided by the prompt or topic that you opt for. To start with, an effective topic has to be related. So you don't actually wish to come across a topic! Choosing topics can be difficult. Picking a great topic can be difficult. Also, remember your discussion topics must fit the other students' level some of them are able to be not able to take care of the topic that has too many elements to contemplate.